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Calendars are earmarks of the great leaps that you plan in future. It serves as a marker in our daily lives, which is all about efficient management of hours in a day. We always try to pit these calendars against the most noticeable corner of the wall or over table or behind our notebook covers etc. A glance over dates is enough to keep you going or make you aware of impending events or make you simply aware of your age! Many people have started understanding that their schedules may dwindle if the calendar is knowingly or unknowingly misplaced from its place of affixation. This realization has paved way for popularization of Calendar Magnets!

Magnet calendars – as the name suggests refer to the genre of new generation calendars, which typically stay glued to one place giving you ease to just turn around and see the date. The best part is they will show up against any surface, which you are familiar to. Magnetic calendars make a great add-on over any refrigerator door, ferrous surfaces of -office cubicles, office cabinets, work desks, or study tables etc. They are also known as magnetic refrigerator calendars and can be created in any shape, size or color owing to customer’s requirement. We offer typical magnetic calendar for refrigerator in 20-25 mil thickness to suit any campaign.

It has been observed promotional calendar magnets are gaining popularity over some of the time tested promotional tools because they hold immense marketing potential and also offer best value against investment. A custom magnet calendar -helps to earmark a special day, mark a holiday, offers visibility to business messages, and transforms any bland or plain looking business marketing specimen into interesting piece of art such as a magnetic business card calendar, etc.

CalendarMagnets.Us- 8 Degrees of Separation from Other Calendar Magnets

For anyone seeing it for the first time custom calendar magnets may come across as any typical online magnet store offering regular choices of custom magnetic calendars for promotional purposes, but it these 8 degree of separation makes us unique -

  • A bigger room for experimentation – Most of the online magnet stores proclaim to offer room for experimentation, but often place a deceptive body of conditions, which makes it difficult for the customers to experiment with their ideas. However, we are deadly opposite to this and only serve customers as per their expectations. We always encourage customers to come forth with their ideas and expectations regarding magnetic refrigerator calendars, which they wish to use for business and personal gifting. Also, each piece of custom magnet calendar offered by us bears a distinct uniqueness, which can be easily made out.
  • Vast Body of Choices - We offer a vast collection of calendar magnets to suit every style, occasion, event, and budget size. Magnetic mini calendars, magnetic holiday calendars, magnetic monthly calendars, magnetic photo calendars and save the date calendar magnets are some of our best sellers. Magnetic business card calendar, real estate magnetic calendars are some of our best selling promotional calendar magnets.
  • An expert assistance for information insemination – Many times customers end up complaining that the magnets have stopped functioning relevantly due to crammed information all over them. We understand the utility of using right information at the right place without compromising on the quality of magnetic calendars. Be it a regular magnetic business card calendar, magnetic mini calendars, real estate refrigerator calendars or any other custom magnet calendar, our experts can help customers to decide what actually works for them and what doesn’t.
  • Lots of Freebies at Zero Investments– Our magnetic calendars are not only known to create goodwill and brand recognition, but also come with lots of associated benefits. We offer free shipping, art set up, and design on all orders for custom magnetic calendars. The online design proof is offered for free and we dispatch it within 24 hours after receiving order request.
  • No Compromises on Quality – Over the years people have grown up to the misconception that cheaper always mean “low quality” or “lousier”, but we have proven it with our industrial expertise. We use only good quality, resourced magnets for calendars, which mean they stay up for a long time than expected and continues to spread your goodwill.
  • Environment Friendly – We care for your concern about dates, business message, holidays, and health! We use lead-free and certified magnets for calendars, which mean you can be tension free about any type of complications that may arise due to your close interaction with them.
  • Fair Buy Deals – All specimens of magnetic calendar for refrigerator are offered with fair buy deals, which mean we offer cheapest magnet calendars on internet market place. This means advertisers can make huge savings by placing bulk orders for value effective magnet calendars from our collection.
  • Colorful Presentations – We offer full color printing options (CMYK) for all magnetic calendars offered here. PMS Color matching offered for more than 700 colors, which means advertisers can dip their marketing choices in plethora of color palettes offered on our website.

Most Value Effective & Cost Effective Calendar Magnets Ever Offered on Internet. We can beat the prices by 10% if the base price matches with competitors. COMPLETE ASSISTANCE OFFERED FROM STAGE OF INCEPTION TO SHIPPING AND BEYOND. NO SET UP FEES CHARGED ON RE-ORDERS.

We offer unique and cost effective calendar magnets 2013, 2014, please feel free to call us at 855-7 MAGNET [855-762-4638] to know more OR Fill out this form and tell us about your specific requirements such as designs, shapes, imprint information, etc. Our team will be happier to assist you in creation of custom calendar magnets for your brand boosting and goodwill creation.

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I was frantically searching for some calendar magnets at best buy deals. My earlier searches ended in catastrophic embarrassment and wastage of money, so I was lil skeptical about the investment. But this experience was simply amazing because I was getting exactly as per my expectations. You guys are really mind blowing, I would just say keep it up with such good work behavior.

- Jesson Plume from Bowling Green, Kentucky

Hulla! I have found the right choice. I have placed orders for some Christmas calendar magnets and the outcome was brighter than expected. I am happier to endorse you guys and have already started recommending it to my friends.

- Steve Starr from Jacksonville, Florida

I have tried several refrigerator calendar magnets offered on different websites, but nothing is comparable to the satisfaction that I got by using your ones. I am happy with the quality, thickness and print quality. I am planning to order this bunch for festive seasons too. Keep going guys.

- Jim. Shriek from Durham, North Carolina

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